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Case Study: Wie lautet Ihr Projekt?

Schnelle Ergebnisse: Die Aufgaben in Interim Mandaten sind ebenso vielfältig wie die Herausforderungen und Rahmenbedingungen der beauftragenden Unternehmen. Als Interim Manager bringt Carsten Zaremba  Kompetenzen und einschlägige Erfahrungen aus vielen Jahren Führungsverantwortung bei produzierenden, mittelständischen Unternehmen mit internationalen Umfeld mit. 

Gedankenaustausch erwünscht: Im Zuge der Projektplanung kann eine Aufgabenteilung, gemeinsam mit Ihren Mitarbeitern, vereinbart werden. Nutzen Sie einen unverbindlichen Gedankenaustausch mit uns und diskutieren Sie Ihr Projekt. Gemeinsam werden wir den besten Lösungsansatz finden. Hier eine Auswahl von Projekten.

  • Create number transparency for a plant manufacturer in the turnaround
    Controlling - ERP system - BI software - data warehouse ----------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- The appointment as interim CFO was made by the managing partner of a company in steel and plant construction in the field of renewable energies based in Germany (200 million sales, 2 production sites). The company found itself in a turnaround situation due to market conditions. For a company of this size, the controlling was insufficiently trained at the beginning of the mandate. The informative value and the duration for the preparation of the monthly and annual financial statements were not sufficient. There was no secure process for creating monthly updated rolling forecasts. The reason for the situation was also an ERP system that could only be used rudimentarily after a system change. The order was therefore designed in several parts: * Operational management and strategic reorganization of the central administration * Project management in the ERP stabilization phase * Increasing the informative value of monthly / annual financial statements * Integrated business planning with year-end-forecast Weak points in controlling and ERP system identified and remedied ----------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- First, the existing controlling instruments and the implementation status of the new enterprise resource planning system were evaluated. In doing so, I identified weaknesses in the ERP system, which are briefly described below using examples. Data warehouse forms new basis for reporting actual values The ERP system did not allow automatic, time-delimited valuation for the finished and unfinished goods (work in progress, WIP). However, the profit and loss (P&L) inventory change resulting from the WIP valuation is decisive for a reliable determination of the profit for the period. To enable the necessary queries and analysis, the ERP source data was extracted, cleaned and adjusted. They are then delivered to a target storage - the data warehouse. The ERP data can now be analyzed and visualized using suitable business intelligence software (in this case Microsoft Power BI). In the future, the data warehouse will form the basis for reporting actual values. The WIP evaluation can now be displayed just as reliably as the analysis of the project success. Correct RHB movement is ensured for determination of period profit ----------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- While in accounting before the ERP system change, all material purchases were already assigned to the projects with an effect on expenses upon receipt, the new ERP system requires a functioning materials management system. Material purchases lead to an increase in stocks of raw, auxiliary and operating materials (RHB) in accounting terms. Material consumption in production, on the other hand, leads to a reduction in inventory or a negative impact on the income statement. The procedural and temporally correct mapping of the RHB movement has become immanent for the correct determination of the period result. Therefore, special focus was placed on the processes and effective controls were created when preparing the financial statements. The weak points outlined as examples make it clear that clear process definitions are a prerequisite for increased meaningfulness of periodic financial statements, especially with a simultaneous reduction in processing time. Integrated systems also require the coordinated work and timely preparation of all departments. Successful development of a month-based integrated corporate planning ----------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- Based on the new processes, a monthly-based integrated corporate plan was set up. With the help of the "Business Planner" software, the profit and loss account as well as the balance sheet and the liquidity calculation are mapped as a closed system. Of particular importance was the redesign of the central sub-step "Project planning", which provides the necessary information for all customer orders: * Production planning as a basis for personnel planning and material requirements planning * Period-based sales planning as the basis for profit planning * Customer-related sales planning as a basis for liquidity planning * Production and sales planning as a basis for WIP planning Established period-end closing and forecast as transparent control tools ----------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- The sum of the individual measures led to a secure compilation of monthly and annual financial statements. The period-end report, supplemented by a monthly updated year-end forecast, has firmly established itself as a control tool in the challenging corporate environment. The reliable, timely and comprehensive reporting on the assets, earnings and financial position of the company had a positive impact on the trust of the various stakeholders. The project in key words: * Create number transparency for a plant manufacturer in the turnaround * Weak points in controlling and ERP system identified and remedied * Data warehouse forms new basis for reporting actual values * Correct RHB movement is ensured for determination of period profit * Successful development of a monthly integrated corporate planning * Period-end closing and forecast established as transparent control instruments
  • Integrated financial planning - income statement, balance sheet and liquidity"
    Create a reliable basis for decision-making: All subplans, e.g. B. for income, costs, personnel, investment, etc., must be reliably generated and adapted to your company. After a plausibility check, these are to be integrated with other company data in an overall system. The transfer of actual data and attachment points must be as automated as possible. This is how transparent figures are used, which provide a basis for business decisions. We provide support in the analysis, creation of sub-plans and the transfer to an integrated planning calculation that sensibly depicts the interactions between income statement, balance sheet and liquidity.
  • Fast Close - Optimization of the preparation of financial statements - real-time reporting
    Many large companies are already showing the way: the optimization of internal processes allows monthly and annual financial statements to be completed more quickly. This reduces the time required and thus also costs. At the same time, the stakeholders are provided with more meaningful information about the asset, earnings and financial situation in a more timely manner, which enables short internal decision-making processes and a faster ability to react. A successful fast close balances the tension between speed and quality in the best possible way.
  • Cost and performance accounting - review, construction/expansion
    We support the review of existing or the construction of new KLR systems and help to actively implement cost leadership. Those responsible for the cost centers should actively know and influence overhead costs. Just as critical are the individual costs of the products / projects to manage. Cost and performance accounting (KLR), also known as cost and revenue accounting (KER), serves as the central control instrument of successful companies.
  • Accounting productivity
    The pressure to perform is also noticeably increasing in finance. More than ever, finance leaders and their teams need to deliver the highest quality information and manage liquidity. This can only be successful if the core processes of accounts payable and accounts receivable run securely and error-free. Financial processes must be strengthened and accelerated. We analyze the status of your digitization and help to increase productivity. With the right tools, processes become more efficient. This helps to save costs and improve the company's liquidity. Overall, employee productivity increases.
  • External controlling
    Not every size of company justifies a full-time position for controlling. Nevertheless, controlling information is essential for corporate management. On request, we will prepare the necessary evaluations and reports with comments and provide recommendations for action. This gives you additional information about the performance of your products, services and processes. Defined analyzes and reports are available as tools; e.g. B - Contribution margin calculation - Break-Even Analysis - Cost Accounting - Business accounting form (BAB) - Pre/post calculation - Investment calculation - Balance sheet analysis - and much more. We can also create a multi-year integrated business plan.
  • Operational continuation in insolvency
    The prerequisite for a successful restructuring is the continuation of operations in the provisional and, if necessary, also in the opened insolvency proceedings. By submitting an application, suppliers as well as customers or other market participants will try to assert their interests as best as possible. The situation after filing for insolvency is often confusing and disorderly. Previous top performers often leave the company unplanned and vacancies arise that cannot be covered by the regular job market. We organize and structure the processes in such a way that the specifications of the insolvency administrator, owner administrator or trustee are implemented. Orderly continuation of operations is thus possible again.
  • Support of controlling and financial accounting in insolvency
    In addition to general business support, we create short-term liquidity and/or earnings plans. Edenso follows up, updates and analyzes deviations in a timely manner. We are also available at short notice to support and monitor financial accounting in the company. As a contact and mediator, we are available for organizational questions and implementation, both for the insolvency administrator and for the company's accounting department.
  • Plausibility check of corporate planning
    Our experience in restructuring consulting shows that existing plans are often missed in crisis situations. This requires an adjustment or new creation of an integrated planning calculation. A plausibility check by an independent third party is often necessary in order to win back the trust of banks and/or shareholders that has been lost. Our services: - Formal plausibility check, i.e. checking the completeness, the logical structure and the mathematical correctness - Material plausibility check, i.e. analysis and assessment of traceability, justification and consistency, taking into account historical development and the planned restructuring measures - Detailed statement on the quality of corporate planning and an independent assessment of the planning assumptions made therein- Opportunity/risk analysis and derivation of concrete recommendations for action
  • Interim manager as an external service provider for the insolvency administrator
    In principle, an extensive range of tasks is conceivable: • Examination of insolvency reasons • Identification and analysis of the causes of the crisis • Objective assessment of the ability to restructure • Conception of a coherent restructuring plan • Implementation of the measures defined in the restructuring plan • Parallel management of day-to-day business • Creation of an insolvency plan • Insolvency-specific process management Talk to us!
  • Support for software projects - organizational consulting
    Selection, introduction, assessment. There are many reasons to question processes and structures in the commercial area. So here is just a selection of the many possible approaches: (x) Support for the introduction of new software (x) Review of organizational structure and procedures. (x) Clarification and support of organizational processes.(x) support in the organization of accounting and controlling andthus strengthening professionalization.
  • The right planning software for your company
    We support you with the analysis of your requirements, the selection of the software and the commissioning. The right software must reliably map the interactions between success, financial and balance sheet planning. A large number of providers of planning and controlling software today promise a "ready-to-use" tool for strategic and operational corporate management. Is that really the case? Your decisions get a secure foundation and the future of your company can be planned.
  • Digitization in Accounting & controlling
    In digitization projects in accounting and controlling, the focus is on efficiency and transparency. Great opportunities lie in increasing labor productivity and improving the quality of work. Two questions are in the foreground here: What does the workplace of a future accountant look like? And what training do you need in accounting? We will analyze your processes and identify potential. We are happy to support you in the implementation phase.
  • Microsoft Power BI in controlling
    We support you in collecting data centrally in real time with Power BI from different sources, analyzing them and visualizing them in impressive graphics - internally for well-founded business decisions, meaningful reporting and a comprehensive analysis and monitoring of all your company data or externally with business partners.< /p> Power BI is a collection of services, apps and connectors that together provide the ability to turn disconnected data sources into visually rich, joined reports. Be it an Excel sheet or a collection of data in data warehouses or third-party software (ERP, PPS, etc.), with Power BI we can merge, connect, visualize the data and finally make it available on a dashboard for a wide variety of user groups.< /p> Microsoft designs the tool from three components that work closely together. First, we find a desktop application called Power BI Desktop in the place. This application works closely with an online software-as-a-service (SaaS) service called Power BI-Online, which in turn interacts with one of the Power BI mobile apps available for all major smartphones. One employee prefers to consume online, another prefers to use their mobile device during the train journey to the customer. Power BI makes it possible. Image source: Microsoft
  • Business Intelligence with Microsoft Power BI
    We support you to gain insights from your data within minutes using Microsoft Power BI. All data, all variants, everywhere. And all in a single view: Business Intelligence at an unprecedented level. Business analytics, English Business Intelligence, is a term in business informatics that describes procedures and processes for the systematic analysis of one's own company. This includes the collection, evaluation and presentation of data in electronic form. The aim is to gain insights from the data available in the company to support management decisions. Image source: Microsoft
  • Sparring partner of the management
    The burden of responsibility weighs heavily, stress is a constant companion. But only a third use external help for their own performance, the majority practice in individual combat. Be it making tough personnel decisions or developing viable strategies - for a number of tasks it would be helpful to exchange ideas with a confidant on an equal footing. At the same time, honest feedback is needed on one's own appearance, but this is lacking in an environment that either lurks for the next weakness or fears negative consequences for itself if it is too blunt. My view as a neutral, experienced and trustworthy advisor and source of inspiration brings a lot of good things with it. Especially because my input comes from an outsider who is not tied to the constraints and hierarchies of the company. As a sparring partner who knows the everyday life of a CEO from my own experience, I not only have an open ear for needs, but also a trained eye for grievances. Several requirements, specifications and dependencies make it difficult for business leaders to work out a solution in difficult situations. And sometimes there is not enough distance to take a comprehensive look at the problem. As a sparring partner, I help to reduce the situation to the core problem and to develop solutions together. Even if I come from a different industry, I can provide valuable input and report on my own experiences in comparable situations. The exchange ensures a beneficial change of perspective that can pave the way to a solution. Anyone who just broods alone is more likely to get lost in self-designed future scenarios - a neutral sidekick can be an important correction here and may even save you from unfortunate quick shots. As an external person with relevant experience in management, I welcome you as a sparring partner on an equal footing. Talk to me!
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